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Oregon School of Leadership For Teens

The Ephiphany

to be


Unapologetic Wellness-5.png

The Epiphany 

I can do this

I was called to do this

Matters not what men say

Matters not what people do

I was Appointed to do this

Defy the odds, Create new ways of thinking

To be the cutting edge, 

To Raise My Standards

Stand for the good of this life,

I can do this you see

I am confident in being ME

This is my Epiphany...

Written By K.I.M.

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Ask Us About 

Oregon School of Leadership for Teens 

Youth Leadership Initiative


Oregon School of Leadership is a program designed for youth creating opportunities to define the potential within. Skills learned from numerous activities assist participants in dealing with self-identity and building self-confidence.  OSOL strategies include workshop which addresses goal setting, purposeful living, and responsibility while maintaining the mission to thrive.


OSOL is tenacious and relentless in encouraging today’s youth to exceed the expectations of society and excel beyond the norm. Success is no longer defined by terms from external forces, but intrinsic forces such as motivation, inspiration, potential, and purpose with the intent of provoking youth to redefine their self-worth. Learning Objectives OSOL is a leadership development initiative. In contemporary times, youth are bombarded with an array of negative leadership and success models. 


From athletes unable to effectively and properly manage their personal and financial lives to a plethora of celebrity figures void of innovative, creative and positive behaviors, to a seemingly insurmountable mountain of peer pressure including: sexting, teenage parenting and more – the true essence of leadership is missing.

What is OSOL Leadership?

What is OSOL leadership? For the purpose of SOL Youth Leadership Network, aims to provide a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals in group settings or in a private consultation which would offer guidance, support, and encouragement.


The OSOL is a world of awareness for young girls and boys. This a faith-based program that is committed to bringing possibility awareness to those who have been broken, misused or discouraged by life. We are your guide.


OSOL is a world of awareness that is your GPS for life. We are your roadmap, where you and your friends can hang out and get some coaching to make this life what it was intended to be, which is MAGNIFICENT!


Get ready to learn a lot about yourself and your friends! Get ready to be who were destined to become. Get ready GREATNESS is approaching.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Enhancing your leadership skills can help achieve anything from finding a career that interests you, better grades at school, experience new social activities and learns essential skills for life. Your group coach can be someone who helps you find work experience or if they are a business mentor they can help learn more about the organization and professional resources needed to succeed in that area. Your coach is someone you can talk to, someone who will listen to what you have to say and not judge you for it.

How long is the Program?

Most programs have a minimum commitment that they ask all young people to adhere to. This could be anything from 4 weeks (the length of a school term) up to one year. In some programs, if you and your coach enjoy working together there is no end to how long you be in the program. In some organizations, longer relationships are encouraged.

OSOL Activities

What activities will we do during the sessions? For the first three weeks, we will maintain a general setting until you are comfortable with your group instructor.  Depending on the type of program you can do all sorts of activities such as researching careers on the internet, visiting work sites, playing sports, going to the movies, museums, and parks. You may also work on a community project together like planting the local community garden, building furniture at the local community shed or just sitting and talking to one another.

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