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Credentials & Qualifications

  • Pastor and  Leadership Trainer

  • Life Coach for. Women, Teens and Young Adult

  • Licensed/Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

  • Licensed/Community Health Worker

  • Certified  Strategic Intervention Trainer

  • Licensed Life Coach/Personal/Wellness

  • CDC Led Lifestyle Coach - Pre Diabetes Prevention Program

Kim McGrew, MA, CHHP

Kim McGrew is a multifaceted individual who believes that success should be defined by internal factors such as motivation, potential, and purpose. She lives by this philosophy as a teacher, trainer, board-certified holistic health counselor, life coach, writer, and motivational speaker. She aims to inspire her audience to redefine their self-worth.


With her bold approach to life's challenges and situations, Kim captivates her audience and shares profound truths from her personal experiences. Her unique perspective and inspirational creativity have the power to uplift and challenge individuals on their personal and professional journeys. As she travels across the country, Kim's words and presentations empower and encourage those who may have lost hope while affirming those already walking in their purpose.


Kim holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development and Family Science from Oregon State University with a minor in Sociology. She also possesses a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership, specializing in Health Care Administration and Project Management. With over 15 years of experience in conference coordinating, event planning, project management, business ownership, and organizational leadership consulting and training, she is a passionate and experienced public speaker.


Throughout her career, Kim has been invited to speak at various events and conferences, including the Oregon State University African American Youth Leadership Conference, University of Oregon Life Support Group, Western Oregon University, Mega-Fest Youth Conference, and Powerhouse Youth Conference. Additionally, she believes in giving back to the community and has mentored students at NAACP ACT-SO Co-Chair, Kelly Middle School, Churchill High School, and other institutions.


Kim also co-authors two books, "Behind the Pretty Dress" and "Finishing Strong," which delve into personal goal setting and offer wisdom and discernment on spiritual, emotional, and relational battles. These books provide valuable insights and guidance on achieving victory in life's challenges.


In summary, Kim McGrew is a dynamic individual who uses her diverse skills and experiences to provoke change and enhance the lives of others. Her words and presentations are empowering and uplifting, encouraging all who encounter her.

Author & Co-Author

  • I Finish Strong Workbook and Journal

  • Beyond the Pretty Dress

Master Instructor & Coach

  • 52 Lessons of Leadership

  • Launch 2 Live

  • ​Navigate Your Reset
    • I am POISED Woman - Women Class

    • Girlfriend Conversation (College Student Driven)

    • Sugar Blues - Journey to Health Holistic Health Class

    • Touch me KNOTS Mentorship - ( Keeping Knuckleheads on Track)

    • CPR Pre-Diabetes Prevention Course - Conquering, Prevent, and Reverse Pre Diabetes

  • Events - GIRLl! “Go to Work” when life throws you are W.R.E.N.C.H. catch it and go to work. (Put your tools to work)


It is our goal to walk you through the journey of becoming

your best self. Kim McGrew, Made For More

Our Mission
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