Are you stuck and trying to make daily decisions on your own. Looking to discover your inner strength, clarity and boldness. Searching for inner strength! 


As your coach, I will help you BECOME resourceful! Regain your power and courage as you navigate your RESET. If you Change your mind then you can change a life. I will help you cultivate clarity, conquer the moment as you choose to set new Standards!"

This season never settle again. Choose to live life on your terms.erms.


  • Anger Management

  • Coping Skills

  • Divorce Recovery

  • Navigate Your Reset (Begin Again)

  • Life Coach for Teens 

  • Life Coach for Young Adults 

  • Restoring Self Esteem

  • Spirituality

  • Learning to Manage Stress

  • Critical Thinking

  • Health and Wellness

  • Women's Issues

  • Coping with Pressure and Stress

  • Need Clarity

  • Commitment needs a Shift

  • Journaling

  • Career Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

Wellness Coaching ​

  • Health Assessment

    • Lose Weight & Feel Great​

    • Lifestyle Change Journey

  • 24 Week Diabetes Prevention Program 

  • Wellness Classes

    • Sugar Blues​

    • ​10 Ways to Increase Your Energy​

    • Your Food is Your Mood

  • Launch to Live - Self Discovery Course

  • Journaling - Manifest Board 

  • Health Reset Course

  • Women Life Lessons 

  • Personal Power


Need more training for the Workplace! 

I Finish Strong Training Solutions 

Courses are taught by license and credentials coaches 

Complete the courses and receive CEU credit 

Training Courses are held in the IFS Enrichment Center

  • Organizational Skills

  • Public Speaking

  • Managing Personal Finances

  • Managing Workplace Anxiety

  • mLearning Essentials (mobile learning) 

  • Personal Productivity 

  • Self Leadership

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Stress Management

  • Taking Initiative

  • 10 Soft Skills You Need

  • Time Management

  • Women In Leadership

  • Work Life Balance

  • Workplace Diversity

  • Develop and Maintain Vision

  • Workplace Harassment

  • Workplace Violence 

  • Delivering Constructive Criticism

  • Goal Setting 

  • Health and Wellness

  • Improving Mindfulness

  • Increasing Happiness

  • Women's Issues