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Provoke Change




For over a decade, people have been inspired and motivated by Kim's bold approach to life challenges. Her mission is to Provoke Change, Motivate and Inspire all who crosses her path.

Kim has been a source of inspiration and motivation for more than ten years, fearlessly tackling life's obstacles. Her purpose is to incite change, motivate, and inspire all those she encounters. As a professional speaker, she offers a distinctive combination of leadership techniques, goal-setting resources, and a compelling message that empowers, uplifts, and instills hope in those who require it. Kim assists her audiences in overcoming life's challenges by reminding them that each hurdle presents an opportunity to unleash their inner greatness. Her programs cater to middle and high school students, universities, educators, and parents alike.

Kim Topics

Kim Topics

Be P.O.I.S.E.D. ​

This presentation offers valuable resources for students to navigate through various life transitions, whether it's graduating from middle school, high school, or college. The presentation titled "Be Poised" equips students with practical tools and strategies to prepare themselves for these transitions and make informed choices that align with their purpose. Through engaging storytelling and relatable experiences, Kim empowers students to view challenges as opportunities for personal growth. Her guidance serves as a driving force towards enhancing their lives and achieving their goals.

Students will:

  • Learn how to plan and position themselves to succeed 

  • Learn how to be P.O.I.S.E.D. under pressure

  • Build self-confidence 

  • Transition from a follower to a leader 

  • Understand that past or situations will not define who they are 

Choose to be Great - Identity

This presentation provides students with valuable tools to prepare for their future. Whether they are graduating from middle school, high school, or college, the "Choosing to be GREAT" presentation helps students establish a strong identity and make conscious, intelligent decisions. They will be empowered to prioritize their personal growth and well-being by learning to "Walk Away and Be OK" from peer groups and relationships that do not contribute positively to their lives. Kim shares her own powerful stories and experiences, connecting with students on a relatable level and inspiring them to take charge of their own journeys.

Students will:

  • How to create a compelling future

  • Learn how to make smart decisions and not rehearse past mistakes

  • How to develop and master the skill set of becoming their highest selves

  • Learn to study their craft. They are their "craft."

  • Become inspired to be leaders 

I will Finish Strong 
Embracing adversity through the lens of change." 
Educators, Administrators, and Parents Only (Motivate the Motivator) 

This presentation offers valuable resources for students to equip themselves for the future. Students face decisions that can shape their destiny at every stage of life. Kim shares her personal stories and challenges, connecting with individuals on a relatable level. Ms. McGrew's approach aims to inspire change and motivate individuals toward a more fulfilling life. Her words and presentations are empowering uplifting, and encourage those who may have lost their passion while also affirming those who are already walking in their purpose.

Parents and Staff will learn the following:

  • How to engage on all levels for students' successful

  • Learn the 6 Human Needs 

  • How to restore the lost passion for their true purpose

  • Redefine the nature of their intended association with all levels of individuals

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