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Kim McGrew Leadership Series

RYS School of Leadership

The place where we take our development personal!

Providing personal development training solutions to those who take your next level of living personally. 

Success is no longer defined by terms from external forces, but by intrinsic forces such as motivation, potential, and purpose with the intent of provoking her audience to redefine self-worth.


Launch to Live Masterclass is a part of the RYS School of Leadership. This class will help position you to raise your standards and for you reach a place in life where you no longer thirst for being average. You can do better! Release the past and let go of peoples opinions of who they think you are. Allow the shift to take place over your life. If you are not getting the best out of your life maybe you have yet to raise your standard. 

Raise Your Standard Leadership is where you will self-discovery who you are and become obsess with your purpose. Join us! Secure your spot today!

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