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We Help Life Come Together

Provoke Change ~ Educate ~ Inspire

Kim McGrew, MA, ACC
the Keep it moving Coach
Text today 541-221-0215

Keep it Moving Coaching Model Includes block removal, navigating the reset button, listen and let go, assess your access and learning to commit to change.

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Call Today

Transforming Lives One at a Time


You were made to succeed

You were made to succeed

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Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed, trying to make decisions on your own? Are you searching for inner strength, clarity, and boldness?

Look no further! You already possess everything you need.


As your coach, I will guide you in becoming resourceful and regaining your power and courage during your journey of resetting. Remember, changing your mindset can change your life.


Together, we will cultivate clarity and conquer each moment, empowering you to raise your standards. This season, refuse to settle for anything less than living life on your own terms.

Kim McGrew, MA, CHHP

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