For over a decade, people have been inspired and motivated by Kim's bold approach to life challenges. Her mission is to Provoke Change, Motivate and Inspire all who crosses her path.


The Power of Now

4 Week Course

Have you ever thought that you were just existing and not living. Confrontation is the cure. This course will streamline your focus to zoom in on the now. You can't live in the future without actually living in the now. 

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School of Leadership

12 MonthOctober 7th 

Join us Mondays @ 8 pm for

Intensive Training for Leaders, Ministers, Lay People

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"I am" Code of Ethics

4 week Course - Sept 17th

Self-Discovery is the key - You got This! If your maker speaks, "I am" statements I believe we should as well. We are to be like Christ.  Live life according to God's terms.  It's time to Upgrade Your Mindset!

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4 Week Course - Sept 16th

Embrace the tools of becoming your authentic self. Become consistent and have the God-fidence you need to evolve into your highest self. 

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Be Transformed

6 Month Course 

Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

It takes 66 days to create consistent change. Are you willing to invest in who you are to become. Take the leap, time out for games. 

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Prayer Fast

4 Week Course - Oct. 23rd

Become more sensitive to the bible. Learn how to listen to and become aware of your prophetic ear.  Prayer Fast book and Journal 

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